TecnoMatic s.r.l. is a company operating in the field of high precision mechanical machining, located in Acerra at 14 km from Naples. Established in July 2001, it manufactures industrial products for a variety of technological and industrial areas (aeronautics, telecommunication, ecology, car industry, medicals and health), also providing special “custom products” for scientific and technological research institutes.

The personnel has a long-standing, 30-years’ experience in the field of production and mechanical manufacturing with state-of-the-art numerically controlled automatic machines. At present, the company has a total area of 2500 mq, of which 1400 mq are indoor. The production is carried out by exploiting a set of tool machines, which is continuously upgraded and improved in order to meet the current market demand.

The Company’s strength is in our Customers satisfaction, which results from products quality, goods delivery time-keeping and flexibility in meeting customers’ demands. In other words, Expertise, Reliability and Dynamism.